How often to use steroids?

PandaroidsIt is important to have objectives to realize when you want to use steroids, because you will realize much faster progress. If is 3-4 weeks the results are not seen, then your objectives are unrealistic. A power gain of about 5% during 6-8 weeks of training is a good result. For future steroids courses it will be much harder to achieve this result, because athletes or bodybuilders, is approaching the maximum for their body. But a gain of about 3% will be able, and it is an excellent result. Most people, after completing a course of oral steroids or injectable steroids, lose body weight, this is because some athletes have water retention during the course, when steroids are stopped, this water is lost, that is why the scale shows a weight loss.

The decision to use a new course of steroids, should be analyzed, and the setting of new objetives, or some change in your training, consult a fitness coach which idea is the best. The faster you start a new course of steroids, the less progress will be, because the previous course is still visible and the recovery of the receptors has not been completed. That why for a person who has taken a course in the past, it is good to take a break the interval between 1 and course 2 should not be more than half of course 1.

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