Why a Good Coach is Necessary in Bodybuilding?

Finding a good coach as a bodybuilder is not easy. Like every other sport has its trainer, there are also coaches in iron sports who train you, stand by your side and maybe even have achieved what you want to achieve. As soon as you want to do bodybuilding on a competitive level, a good coach is essential.

What makes a good coach? How to find a good coach as an athlete?

This protects you from mistakes and helps you with questions and decisions about training, nutrition and competition. Since the vast majority of professionals also have a preparer, many amateurs and newcomers also know about the importance of a coach for sporting success. However, the questions arise: What makes a good coach? And how do you find him?

Difference between Coach and Trainer.

A trainer and a coach are not the same. While a trainer is mostly limited to the level of physical training and, with the exception of the personal trainer, is not only there for you, a coach offers comprehensive and holistic support. It will probably be clear to everyone that it makes a big difference whether you retrain a training plan from a B-license trainer from your gym and hope for the best, or whether someone really takes care of you, your individual needs and goals and takes you step accompanied exactly their step by step.

A coach shows you in detail and in small steps which steps are necessary to reach your goal. He has an eye on training as well as nutrition, regeneration and preparation for the competition, including posing, color, procedure and presentation.

Normally, a bodybuilding coach is a bodybuilder himself and can provide you with advice and assistance through his experience, answer questions and be available to you personally on a regular basis.

With directive coaching, your coach gives you all the details and you don't have to worry about anything. This approach has the advantage that you can concentrate on the implementation. In non-directive coaching, joint decision-making takes place and you plan the content of the preparation in mutual coordination.

What do a good coach?

As mentioned earlier, a coach is more than just a trainer. A good coach is also a consultant, companion, contact person, mentor. Unlike most trainers in the gym, he has personal bodybuilding experience, has successfully competed in several competitions and knows how things work.

Many bodybuilding coaches still impress with large muscle mass, strength and intensive training even after their active careers. However, large muscles alone are not a guarantee of a good coach. He should not only know and advise what works for him, but also respond to YOU and get the best out of YOU.

Being a good athlete and a good coach are not necessarily the same thing. Your coach doesn't necessarily have to be bigger or stronger than you, as long as he has the necessary expertise, methodology and experience.

Depending on the reasons for which you are looking for a coach, the support can be very different. Maybe you have already gained a lot of stage experience yourself and need your coach for external assessments, form updates, the refinement of your posing or simply not to lose your head.

Maybe you also need an all-round carefree package in which your coach decides everything for you, from training to nutrition to posing and the color of your competition clothing and possibly even accompanies you on the day of the competition. Either way, your coach should always be available for you, meet agreed appointments and also prepare for them.

In cooperation with your preparer, the achievement of intermediate goals should be checked regularly based on body weight, body fat, appearance or circumference, for which your coach should keep a constant overview and keep a record.

When choosing your coach, it is important that you feel that he has a serious interest in your success and that he is accompanying you there. You should therefore get to know each other properly and get on well with each other, so that close cooperation can be possible and successful.

Depending on the situation, your coach should not look after too many athletes at the same time, otherwise there is a risk that joint appointments, telephone calls or other aspects of support will be lost in the crowd. You should be able to rely on your coach. You also have to decide how closely and how you want to be repented. Online coaching and remote advice are not suitable for everyone. In this case, find a coach in your immediate area.

So, how to find a coach?

Online Coaches.

If there is no coach in your immediate environment, you can also use the Internet. But be careful: like the terms trainer or consultant, the term coach is not protected by law. Therefore, practically everyone can pretend to be a coach and look after others. Therefore, pay attention to the references and successes of this coach.

You can often find a list of recommended coaches at bodybuilding associations who you can turn to. There you can be sure that they are experienced coaches who also have experience in the association you want to start with. If such a list is not published, try an email or a phone call to your association and get a few contacts made.

Local Gyms.

In contrast to the "trainers" in many gym chains, in some owner-run studios you can find real old-school bodybuilders behind the counter. Maybe there is a real bodybuilding studio near you too? There you not only benefit from direct contact with your potential future coach, but you can also get valuable tips from other members. In addition, you can often register for the competition through such a studio.

Contact directly

Maybe you don't want to be coached by anyone, you already have a certain person in mind. Someone you know from competitions, follow on social media, or even a bodybuilding professional who occasionally takes on new athletes. This group of people is rather difficult to access and expensive, but you also get exactly the coach you want. An inquiry is definitely worth it!

In Conclusion:

A coach is indispensable for conscientious competition preparation and brings you countless advantages. Based on the criteria described, you can identify your dream coach and search for him in various ways. In general, a coach is happy about your genuine interest and prefers to work with ambitious and motivated clients. When you have found your ideal coach, nothing stands in the way of your successful competitive career.

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