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Manufacturer: Axiolabs
Substance: Stanozolol
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Stanoplex Detailed

Stanoplex Oral Steroid

Effective Dose (Men): 50-100 mg/day

Effective Dose (Women): 2.5-10 mg/day

Active life: 8 hours

Aromatization: No

DHT Conversion: No

Liveri Toxicity: High


Stanoplex (Stanozolol) by Axiolabs

Available as both an oral stanozolol 10 compound and a water based, suspended injectable compound, Oral stanozolol has a reputation for use as a cutting product reported to refine an already lean physique by hardening the appearance of the muscles and increasing vascularity. The oral and the injectable versions of this product are practically identical and for the most part dosing, effects and side-effects are the same although the injectable version is reported as being more potent.

Even though Stanoplex has a reputation as a cutting agent many users also employ it as a part of a bulking cycle stacked with other more powerful, more androgenic products like testosterone. It has been suggested that stanozolol has a powerful lowering effect on the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). Perhaps it is this property that makes stanozolol a good addition to a bulking stack by keeping more of your other stacked products unbound and active. One of the primary drawbacks for use of stanozolol during a bulking phase though is the large number of complaints regarding sore joints with extended use of the product.

Stanoplex (Stanozolol) is a dihydrotestosterone derived compound that exhibits a higher anabolic property (and less androgenic property) than DHT itself. For some users, stanozolol results in quality muscle gains with little or no bloat as compared to other alkylated oral products. Unfortunately, as a 17-alpha-alkylated substance the potential for liver toxicity (hepatoxicity ) can be quite high. This compound can also have a negative impact on the LDL/HDL ratio. Hepatoxicity is less common with the injectable version of this compound because it does not enter the body via the liver but the product is still broken down there so the threat still exists. On the other hand, the low incidence of water retention (or bloat) seems to indicate a low affinity for stanazolol to convert to estrogen. As a result, few estrogen related sideeffects are reported with stanazolol use further supporting the use of this compound during a “cutting” phase.

In general, shorter cycle times (6-8 weeks) are often followed while using stanoplex in order to minimize the potential for negative side effects. Oral stanozolol doses are around 25-100 mgs per day for men and 525 mgs per day for women. Stanozolol is frequently reported as a popular choice for women, however, this compound can result in virilization especially at higher doses.

Stanoplex 10 Cycles/Stack

WEEK Stanoplex 10 Proviron Trenolab A 100
1 20mg/day 25mg/day 150mg/week
2 20mg/day 50mg/day 150mg/week
3 20mg/day 50mg/day 150mg/week
4 20mg/day 50mg/day 150mg/week
5 25mg/day 50mg/day 225mg/week
6 25mg/day 50mg/day 225mg/week
7 25mg/day 50mg/day 225mg/week
8 25mg/day 50mg/day 225mg/week

Stanoplex Reviews

Tom B
Jul 7, 2020 (10:38)

this cycle is amazing for cutting and mass, Best store Pandaroids

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